Initial Evaluation For Proposal

Before request login id for submitting proposal, Please give your answer for the following questions about your proposal, based on your answers we judge whether you are eligible or not for submitting proposal.

Answer the Questions

1. Is the application being submitted for
 Project proposal
 Personal needs request
2. Which of the following areas does the proposal address?
 Human Service
 Employability and Economic Development
 Environmental Sustainability
 Education and Research
 Health and Wellness
3. To what Extent does the proposal address root causes of social issues rather than just alleviating its symptoms?
4. Is the proposal:
 Or does it build on previous experiences and aim to extend other initiatives?
5. Will the proposed project or initiative achieve sustainability in the near future?
6. Is the proposal being submitted by
 A commercial organization
 A non-profit organization
 An individual
7. Will the project/initiative have a measurable impact?
8. How would you describe the project or initiative?
 Request for donation
 Request for grant