Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
81 KFF-ED-17-098 Education Visual Art from the perspectives of Islamic Shariah Compliance 19-07-2018 Ishak Ramli Submitted    
82 KFF-ED-16-052 Education World-class training and ongoing support to teachers and principals from underserved schools in Latin America 19-07-2018 Cristina Gil White Submitted    
83 KFF-ED-17-099 Education Islamic Institute 19-07-2018 Cheikh Ahmadou Tidjani CAMARA Submitted    
84 KFF-ED-16-055 Education ICT and Social Media Training for the Students and Youth 19-07-2018 Media Training Centre Submitted    
85 KFF-ED-17-100 Education Training of First Aid and Pregnancy care to women. 19-07-2018 Malik fath Sediqeee Submitted    
86 KFF-ED-16-056 Education احد 19-07-2018 alo Submitted    
87 KFF-ED-16-066 Education Cultural Centre Hargeisa 19-07-2018 Ahmed Nur Submitted    
88 KFF-ED-16-067 Education Smart Garden Replica of Paradise Plant 19-07-2018 Muhammad Subandi Submitted    
89 KFF-ED-16-068 Education Revelation Guide on Science New Method of Interpreting the Verse of Quran or Hadits 19-07-2018 Muhammad Subandi Submitted    
90 KFF-ED-16-034 Education Transitioning Saudi Youth to Employment 19-07-2018 Naif Alobaid Submitted