Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
81 KFF-PH-16-010 Philanthropic مركز عون للبحوث والداراسات المتعلقة بضحايا الجريمة 21-06-2016 Mohammed Abdallh Almazroa Rejected    
82 KFF-ED-16-033 Education مشروع عبر معا 20-06-2016 Jamal Eid Hussein Rejected    
83 KFF-ED-16-031 Education مجموعة روح الشبابية 20-06-2016 the youth roh group Rejected    
84 KFF-PH-16-006 Philanthropic income generation program for deaf disabled free goat 18-06-2016 Muhammad hussain Rejected    
85 KFF-PH-16-006 Education AFRICA 2016 17-06-2016 Tugbay Ataman Rejected    
86 KFF-PH-16-005 Philanthropic Help Dhuafa 16-06-2016 Cucu Resmiati Rejected    
87 KFF-PH-16-002 Philanthropic To Live Happily Ever After 11-06-2016 Agus Hartanto Rejected    
88 KFF-ED-16-008 Education Gamification as a tool in Dengue Education and Empowerment in Children 10-06-2016 Rafdzah Ahmad Zaki Rejected