Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
71 KFF-PH-16-054 Philanthropic Provision of raw materials for untold sufferings 04 families in badly affected area 30-07-2016 Mohamed Riyas Abdul Muthalef Rejected    
72 KFF-ED-16-079 Education Revelation Guide on Science New Method of Interpretating the Verse ot the Hadits (Revised) 28-07-2016 Muhammad Subandi Rejected    
73 KFF-ED-16-068 Education Revelation Guide on Science New Method of Interpreting the Verse of Quran or Hadits 20-07-2016 Muhammad Subandi Rejected    
74 KFF-PH-16-022 Philanthropic RTS Law 14-07-2016 Merit Witness Rejected    
75 KFF-ED-16-051 Education Religious Approach In Handling Health Issues Faced by Transgenders in Malaysia 11-07-2016 Rafidah Hanim Mokhtar Rejected    
76 KFF-PH-16-021 Philanthropic مشروع تمكين وتشجيع مبادرات النساء في المخيمات 11-07-2016 Jamal Eid Hussein Rejected    
77 KFF-ED-16-046 Education Partnership between KFF and AZAE 07-07-2016 Zeini Toure Idrissou Rejected    
78 KFF-PH-16-018 Philanthropic Al Mustaqbil Women & Children foundation 30-06-2016 Al Mustaqbil Women and Children foundation Rejected    
79 KFF-ED-16-045 Education مؤسسة بسمة الامل للتربية والتعليم 30-06-2016 Ayub mohammed salih sdik Rejected    
80 KFF-ED-16-016 Education أسماء طه على 26-06-2016 Asmaa Taha Ali Altahery Rejected