Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
61 KFF-ED-17-117 Education Prince And Princess Academy Project 19-07-2018 Sisu Haruna Submitted    
62 KFF-ED-17-171 Education Establishing a jigger facility in Namutumba District 19-07-2018 Kisame Umaru Submitted    
63 KFF-ED-17-118 Education Masjid e mahmood 19-07-2018 Nasrulla shariff Submitted    
64 KFF-ED-17-172 Education Raudlatul Jannah 19-07-2018 ahmad daniyal Submitted    
65 KFF-ED-17-119 Education Occupational Literacy in Borno Rural Muslim Communities. 19-07-2018 Adamu Musa Submitted    
66 KFF-ED-17-173 Education Assessing Supports to Promote Human Security and Prevent Violence within Islamic Schools in a Conflict Zone 19-07-2018 Mahsoom Sateemae Submitted    
67 KFF-ED-17-120 Education FIRST PUBLIC ARABIC SCHOOL IN USA, Arabic immerssion magnet school 19-07-2018 Waleed Alali Submitted    
68 KFF-ED-17-174 Education The Children's Literacy Challenge 19-07-2018 Kim A Lawal Submitted    
69 KFF-ED-17-121 Education improving primary education in Dinsoor district 19-07-2018 Hassan Adan Submitted    
70 KFF-ED-17-175 Education Establishment Of Islamic School. 19-07-2018 Khalifa Mohammed Irfan Abdullah Submitted