Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
51 KFF-PH-17-074 Philanthropic دار القران الحسنية 12-03-2017 Ahmed Laaraj Rejected    
52 KFF-ED-17-101 Education Request for Grant 18-01-2017 kalim ullah Rejected    
53 KFF-ED-16-098 Education Research project: Business Excellence, an Islamic Perspective 13-01-2017 Fouad El Osrouti Rejected    
54 KFF-PH-16-066 Philanthropic عبدالقادر 13-01-2017 Abadalqader Mustafa Abdullah Steih Rejected    
55 KFF-ED-17-096 Education Reconstruction of Earthquake Demolished School 04-01-2017 Javed Iqbal Rejected    
56 KFF-ED-16-094 Education Uganda Behemoth School of Nursing and Midwifery Expansion Project 01-01-2017 Solomon Wakabi Rejected    
57 KFF-ED-17-095 Education MAVEHS, Inc. Muslim American Voice for Economic & Human Survival, Inc 01-01-2017 Rahman Abdul Muhammad Rejected    
58 KFF-PH-16-013 Philanthropic Ionized Water And Sanitation Venture 29-12-2016 Forkom Kehnyinah Dohfeh Rejected    
59 KFF-PH-16-068 Philanthropic Construction of Mosque in Hayat Khel, Lakki Marwat, Pakistan 22-12-2016 Dr Imran Khan Rejected    
60 KFF-ED-16-102 Education Construction of Girls School and Vocational Training Center 21-12-2016 DR ATHAR RAIHAN Rejected