Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
41 KFF-ED-16-091 Education Classroom Building 19-07-2018 Jadalhaq Shiekalabi Panggo BOT Approved    
42 KFF-ED-16-026 Education Postdoctoral evaluate regulatory immune cells in cord and birth blood in HIV exposed uninfected and HIV unexposed and un 19-07-2018 ACHOUR Achouak BOT Approved    
43 KFF-ED-16-092 Education HUSEYIN 19-07-2018 HUSEYIN ALI BOT Approved    
44 KFF-ED-16-030 Education Proprosal For Land Purchasing and school building 19-07-2018 Nihan Nihayati Nur Rahmah BOT Approved    
45 KFF-ED-16-093 Education بناء مدرسة قرآنية 19-07-2018 aggoun moustafa BOT Approved    
46 KFF-ED-16-031 Education مجموعة روح الشبابية 19-07-2018 the youth roh group BOT Approved    
47 KFF-ED-16-094 Education Rahamou 19-07-2018 Habib Attifa Boukar BOT Approved    
48 KFF-ED-16-032 Education ALI 19-07-2018 ALI MOHAMMED1 BOT Approved    
49 KFF-ED-16-095 Education Rahamou 19-07-2018 Habib Attifa Boukar BOT Approved    
50 KFF-ED-16-033 Education مشروع عبر معا 19-07-2018 Jamal Eid Hussein BOT Approved