Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
41 KFF-ED-16-097 Education Rahamou 19-07-2018 Habib Attifa Boukar Submitted    
42 KFF-ED-16-035 Education MR Aliyu 19-07-2018 Aliyu adewale abideen Submitted    
43 KFF-ED-16-098 Education مدرسة أساسية + مسجد وخلو لتعليم القرآن 19-07-2018 awladalbaldcharityorg Submitted    
44 KFF-ED-16-036 Education N/a 19-07-2018 Ghaydaa Al jaraky Submitted    
45 KFF-ED-16-099 Education Islamic Centre 19-07-2018 Hidir Iddrisu Submitted    
46 KFF-ED-16-037 Education ola aymen 19-07-2018 Ola Aymen Saleem Karaja Submitted    
47 KFF-ED-16-100 Education Museum South Ndebele Tribe Beadwork and Traditional Cultural Heritage 19-07-2018 Ian Ball Submitted    
48 KFF-ED-16-038 Education mssn 19-07-2018 ALIYU ABIDEEN OLAUNREWAJU Submitted    
49 KFF-ED-16-102 Education Construction of Girls School and Vocational Training Center 19-07-2018 DR ATHAR RAIHAN Submitted    
50 KFF-ED-16-039 Education SCHOOL PROJECT 19-07-2018 RAMADAN FALLU RAHMANE BABA Submitted