Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
31 KFF-ED-17-144 Education Smart Farm 07-07-2017 Suleiman Kiure Submitted    
32 KFF-ED-17-142 Education Smart Organic Farm 02-07-2017 Suleiman Kiure Submitted    
33 KFF-ED-17-139 Education the school of exellence 19-06-2017 mohammad uzer quadri Submitted    
34 KFF-ED-17-135 Education RURAL MEDICAL OUTREACH 14-06-2017 HABEEB HANAFI Submitted    
35 KFF-ED-17-140 Education Paul Browning 12-06-2017 Paul Browning Submitted    
36 KFF-PH-17-099 Philanthropic مؤسسة مسك الختام الخيرية 12-06-2017 Mamoudou teibou abdou zakiyou Submitted    
37 KFF-ED-17-136 Education Grant for re-construction of Madrasa 09-06-2017 Mohammad Wahid Submitted    
38 KFF-PH-17-097 Education Total Immobility Awareness Program (TIAP) 08-06-2017 Dr Sheku Bah Kabba Submitted    
39 KFF-ED-17-127 Education ICT, Internet and Entreprenurship Management Training for The Grassroot Youth 31-05-2017 Bambang Djamma Submitted    
40 KFF-ED-17-128 Education Kadhis' Courts in Kenya: The Interplay between Sharia and the Constitution 26-05-2017 Kevin Odimbe Wanyonyi Submitted