Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
31 KFF-PH-16-010 Philanthropic مركز عون للبحوث والداراسات المتعلقة بضحايا الجريمة 19-07-2018 Mohammed Abdallh Almazroa Submitted    
32 KFF-ED-17-144 Education Smart Farm 19-07-2018 Suleiman Kiure Submitted    
33 KFF-PH-16-011 Philanthropic ISFALL 19-07-2018 alama sako Submitted    
34 KFF-ED-17-145 Education Sun Book Tablets 19-07-2018 Andrew Kay Submitted    
35 KFF-PH-16-012 Philanthropic Mosque expansion Project 19-07-2018 Haris Husain Submitted    
36 KFF-ED-17-146 Education Construction of Vocational Training Center 19-07-2018 Abrahman Makame Abdi Submitted    
37 KFF-PH-16-013 Philanthropic Ionized Water And Sanitation Venture 19-07-2018 Forkom Kehnyinah Dohfeh Submitted    
38 KFF-ED-17-147 Education After School Program for the Underpriviledged 19-07-2018 Modinat Famuditimi Submitted    
39 KFF-PH-16-014 Philanthropic nopa 19-07-2018 fajar Mutia Suri Submitted    
40 KFF-ED-17-148 Education مختبر التشخيص الوراثي 19-07-2018 Dr Omar Muhaisen Submitted