Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
291 KFF-PH-17-072 Philanthropic Education 19-07-2018 Zeshan Shahzad Submitted    
292 KFF-PH-16-022 Philanthropic RTS Law 19-07-2018 Merit Witness Submitted    
293 KFF-PH-17-073 Philanthropic Emergency WASH drought Response in Gedo Region Somalia 19-07-2018 Somali Youth Development Foundation Submitted    
294 KFF-PH-16-023 Philanthropic منصة وفاق 19-07-2018 Ahmed Mohamed Selim Submitted    
295 KFF-PH-17-074 Philanthropic دار القران الحسنية 19-07-2018 Ahmed Laaraj Submitted    
296 KFF-PH-16-024 Philanthropic Miskeen Place Foundation Startup's Grant 19-07-2018 Ibrahima Soriba Bangoura Submitted    
297 KFF-PH-17-075 Philanthropic A PROPOSAL FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A KING FAISAL EYE HOSPITAL IN GHANA, AFRICA 19-07-2018 Issah Imoro Submitted    
298 KFF-PH-16-026 Philanthropic Community Palm oil Plantation Inc. 19-07-2018 Roland Spiff Submitted    
299 KFF-PH-17-076 Philanthropic شراكة استراتيجية 19-07-2018 sidi mohamed mohamed mustafa Submitted    
300 KFF-PH-16-027 Philanthropic Provision of Safe water 19-07-2018 Naeem Sarwar Submitted