Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
21 KFF-PH-17-118 Philanthropic Improving Agricultural production among moslim women through access to Clean Water and Organic fertilizers (Mangochi,Mac 19-07-2018 stella Submitted    
22 KFF-ED-16-073 Education Proposal Charity Project from Muhammadiyah Palangkaraya University 19-07-2018 hunainah from Palangkaraya Muhammadiyah University Submitted    
23 KFF-ED-16-006 Education Global Initative 19-07-2018 Tanveer Azmat Submitted    
24 KFF-PH-17-118 Philanthropic Research on MH370 19-07-2018 Ajit kumar ranjan Submitted    
25 KFF-ED-16-074 Education Grants for the Development of Universities, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Bandung 19-07-2018 Muchammad Naseer Submitted    
26 KFF-ED-16-007 Education Education for future 19-07-2018 Md Akbal husen Submitted    
27 KFF-PH-17-119 Philanthropic Abu Huraira Center Expansion Project 19-07-2018 Adil Mannan Submitted    
28 KFF-ED-16-075 Education Revelation Guide on Science New Method of Interpreting the Verses of the Quran or the Hadits (revised) 19-07-2018 Muhammad Subandi Submitted    
29 KFF-ED-16-008 Education Gamification as a tool in Dengue Education and Empowerment in Children 19-07-2018 Rafdzah Ahmad Zaki Submitted    
30 KFF-PH-17-120 Philanthropic Marawi City Masjid and Muslim Orphanage Project 19-07-2018 Nadjah Dadayan Samsodin Submitted