Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
21 KFF-ED-17-151 Education Darul hikmat foundation 15-08-2017 ZIKRULLAHI AMBALI Submitted    
22 KFF-ED-17-154 Education مجاهد 10-08-2017 Mugahid Awad Mohamed Elmahi Submitted    
23 KFF-PH-17-113 Philanthropic الحسان احمادي 09-08-2017 elhassane ahmadi Submitted    
24 KFF-PH-17-107 Philanthropic Mapinga Clean Energy- Sustainable Materials 31-07-2017 Suleiman Kiure Submitted    
25 KFF-ED-17-147 Education After School Program for the Underpriviledged 25-07-2017 Modinat Famuditimi Submitted    
26 KFF-PH-17-104 Philanthropic Reviving Art and Craft Industry of Kashmir 18-07-2017 Mehmood Tafveez Mir Submitted    
27 KFF-PH-17-101 Philanthropic مركز لرعاية وتأهيل اطفال الشوارع في الخرطوم 16-07-2017 Afeef tageldeen mahmoud usef Submitted    
28 KFF-PH-17-103 Philanthropic Sustainability Reporting according to Islamic values 13-07-2017 Drs Zeljka Davis Submitted    
29 KFF-ED-17-144 Education Smart Farm 07-07-2017 Suleiman Kiure Submitted    
30 KFF-ED-17-142 Education Smart Organic Farm 02-07-2017 Suleiman Kiure Submitted