Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
11 KFF-ED-17-135 Education RURAL MEDICAL OUTREACH 19-07-2018 HABEEB HANAFI Submitted    
12 KFF-PH-16-002 Philanthropic To Live Happily Ever After 19-07-2018 Agus Hartanto Submitted    
13 KFF-ED-17-136 Education Grant for re-construction of Madrasa 19-07-2018 Mohammad Wahid Submitted    
14 KFF-PH-16-004 Philanthropic establish of an islamic studies institute of higher education 19-07-2018 Mohammad Sulaiman Submitted    
15 KFF-ED-17-137 Education REQUEST FOR EDUCATION SUPPORT 19-07-2018 Toheeb Jimoh Olaitan Submitted    
16 KFF-PH-16-005 Philanthropic Help Dhuafa 19-07-2018 Cucu Resmiati Submitted    
17 KFF-ED-17-138 Education Alternative Livelihood for Women of poor minorities community (Muslim) 19-07-2018 Sarfaraz Ali Submitted    
18 KFF-PH-16-0066 Philanthropic Pekanbaru Beyond Islamic Hospital 19-07-2018 Azhar Zainuri Submitted    
19 KFF-ED-17-139 Education the school of exellence 19-07-2018 mohammad uzer quadri Submitted    
20 KFF-PH-16-006 Philanthropic income generation program for deaf disabled free goat 19-07-2018 Muhammad hussain Submitted