Submitted Proposals

S.No SAP Id Organization Proposal Name Last Action Date Applicant Name Status Action
1 KFF-PH-18-124 Philanthropic Growing Rice Market Opportunity For Women (Grow) 27-02-2018 Ibrahim Azure Submitted    
2 KFF-ED-18-183 Education test 18-02-2018 OMAR Waiting for info from Applicant    
3 KFF-ED-18-182 Education test 18-02-2018 omar Proposal Reviewed    
4 KFF-ED-18-184 Education dfhdh 15-02-2018 OMAR Department Accepted    
5 KFF-ED-18-181 Education Donation for Fund for Cultural Education and Heritage 14-02-2018 Fahredin Shehu Submitted    
6 KFF-ED-17-179 Education Arabic language development tools 06-02-2018 Pilar Bermudez Patron Submitted    
7 KFF-ED-18-180 Education Establishment of a SUNNI basic school in our community 14-01-2018 Abdulsalam Opeyemi Abduljelil Submitted    
8 KFF-ED-17-169 Education STUDY OF THE QUR’AN : Introducing the Methodology of Memorizing the Qur'an to Increase Intelligence of the Brain. 2 30-10-2017 Dodi Haldi Permadi Submitted    
9 KFF-ED-17-176 Education JAN SAMAJ KALYAN SAMITI 30-10-2017 DR SARFARAZ NAWAZ Submitted    
10 KFF-PH-17-122 Philanthropic وجبة أسرة 23-10-2017 Nora Abdulaziz Saud AL Agami Submitted